Downtown Railroad, 1940's
      Downtown, 1930
      Car Giveaway, 1935
      Old Yearbook Advertisement
      First Jailhouse
      Year Unknown
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      Wooden Derrick, Walker Home, 1930s
      Old Yearbook Advertisement
      East Commerce, 1950
      East Pacific, 1930's
      North Main Street,1930's
      South Main Street, 1931
      Post Office
      Still used, some remodeling and modifications since opening
      City Hall
      Once housed City Manager Office, Water Department, and Jail. No longer in use by the city.
      The Gladewater Museum is located at 116 W. Pacific Street (corner of Dean and Pacific Streets) in downtown Gladewater.

      10 AM - 4 PM

      And By Appointment:


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      Gladewater Museum

      The museum is located in the building once known as the Ellen Bauman Community Building. It was built in 1939 during the Art Deco Period. Doc Shepperd was the Gregg County Commissioner at the time of the building’s completion. The building was used for county offices and a library downstairs. The second floor was used by various community organizations for meetings and social gatherings. The library moved to a new home in 1973. Since that time, the building has been used by various community groups.

      The unique design of the building makes it an ideal home for a museum that tells the rich history of the city and the people who built it. On Friday, November 4, 2005, The East Texas Museum at Gladewater held a ribbon cutting officially opening the museum. On Saturday, November 5 th at 10:00 a.m., the museum finally opened to the public. It is now open on Saturdays from 10:00 until 4:00, except for the last two weeks of the year—depending on the holidays. At present, the museum is totally staffed with volunteers.

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